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Correction Officer Arrested


On Jan 3, 2024 Blount County Corrections Administrator was made aware of an alleged custodial sexual misconduct against a corrections officer at the Blount County jail. The allegation was made against a night shift employee who had entered into the female maximum security block after the facility was locked down for the night. The complaint stated that the correctional officer entered into the female lock down block for the routine hourly watch tour but then entered into a cell, against department policy, alone. The cell contained three women, two who witnessed the event and one victim. The complaint alleged that the corrections officer had inappropriate physical contact with a female inmate that included oral sex. Such conduct is not only against Blount County Correctional Facility policy it is against Alabama State Law. Inmates cannot give consent to sex while incarcerated in any correctional facility.

Once administration was made aware of the complaint the BCCF (Blount County Correctional Facility) staff immediately got to work on an internal investigation. BCCF staff notified Investigator Lt. Chad Long who then notified Sheriff Moon of the situation. Sheriff Moon reached out to Chief Clifton at the Oneonta Police Department to request that Oneonta Police Department handle the criminal investigation. The BCSO (Blount County Sheriffs Office) did a parallel internal investigation during the criminal investigation. Investigator Steven Adamson from the Oneonta Police Department was given full access to any and everything he needed for his investigation. Inv. Adamson got to work immediately interviewing the witnesses and the victim. After interviews with the witnesses and the victim Inv. Adamson then interviewed the alleged offender, Garrett Law 26 of Springville, who admitted to some but not all of the allegations made against him. Immediately Law was placed under arrest and held in the BCCF until warrants could be issued and executed. Sheriff Moon immediately terminated Law and he was placed in a holding cell in protective custody until he could make bond. Law was able to make bond on Jan 4, 2023.