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Message from the Sheriff

These are truly unprecedented times we are living in. So much has happened in the few short months of this year. Like so many of you I have had my fill with problems and am ready for some good news and brighter days. I am certain better days are ahead of us as we move forward through these troubling times, but we must move through them together. We are a tight knit, strong, family oriented county and we must depend on each other and help each other during these difficult days. I believe in Blount County. I believe in the heart of our people and the genuine goodness that is deep within all of us. Don't let the mainstream media scare you and fool you into thinking that everyone everywhere is bad. We may not always get along, or see eye to eye on certain topics and issues, but we stick together and support each other that is why I love Blount County so much. We are Blount County Strong and we stand TOGETHER. 

I love you Blount County

Mark Moon