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Message from the Sheriff

It's the beginning of a new year. With a new year comes new hope, new dreams, and new goals. This year my hope and prayer is for this world to show kindness and love. We live in an evil world full of people who want nothing more than to destroy others. A world full of hatred and vengeance and people who want to destroy others for reasons known only to them. As we enter into 2024 let's all focus on the GOOD and put all the hate behind us. Let's move forward to see JOY restored to humanity and let love win. My focus this year is to not let the negative distractions of this world get me down and my prayer is that all of you will do the same. There is to much good in the world, to many blessings from God, and to much positive to focus on to let the negative beat us down. KINDNESS is my word for 2024. Will you join me in spreading kindness above anger and envy, love above hatred, and JOY above all else? I hope you will because I've seen to much animosity and hatred and am ready to change our way of life by spreading faith, hope, and love ("the greatest of these is love"). May 2024 bring you blessing beyond measure and a life you've always hoped for. 

I love you Blount County

Sheriff Mark Moon