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Message from the Sheriff

This is the beginning of a new year and I am excited about things that we are doing here at the Sheriffs Office. As everyone is aware due to the current events in our society there is tragedy after tragedy happening all around us. We here at the Sheriffs Office want to help the public be aware, prepared, and trained to help yourself and others in case of an emergency. We offer civilian firearm classes that educate on the laws pertaining to the use and carry of a firearm, as well as range time that allows us to help you become more proficient with your firearm. We also offer Run,Hide,Fight classes available to churches and places of business that want to learn better ways to respond and react in the event of an active shooter. We are also exploring other avenues and training to enhance protection for churches and places of business. On another training note we are looking for other training opportunities to teach some self defense and personal protection techniques. I look forward to another year of serving the greatest people in the greatest county in America.  Please call 205-625-4127 with any questions and concerns and to get signed up for training events. Please check the Blount County Sheriffs Office Facebook page for other opportunities and events coming up this year. Thank you again for allowing me the great privilege of being your sheriff. I love you Blount County.

Mark Moon