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Message from the Sheriff

Dear Friends,

Here we are already at the start of a new school year. As students, teachers, faculty, and staff prepare to begin a new year I want to remind everyone of a few things that are extremely important to the success of us all. First,as school gets cranked back up remember that early in the morning and in the afternoons school buses will be moving around our county carrying our most precious resource and cargo that we have, our children. I am begging everyone to please take into consideration the fact that it may take you a little extra time to get to and from work due to the school activity. Slow down, be patient, and be considerate of others as you travel our roadways.

I am sure that most of you are as excited as I am about the many successes that the future holds for our children. You have a huge role in their success in many ways but one of the most crucial ways is to be on the lookout for buses moving about and for children waiting by the roadway waiting to get on the bus.

Another important thing to remember is that our teachers and administrators do an amazing job working for our kids. I know personally, because my wife is an educator, the countless hours that they put in so that our children can be successful. The heart's desire of our teachers and administrators is to give our children every tool and asset they need to achieve success. Please be patient with them and kind as they are also under an enormous amount of pressure but go above and beyond to see our kids be great. I know how much they truly love their students I see it every day. I know that they are doing their very best to encourage our children and to give them everything they need to be successful.

So here's to another wonderful school year. Let's all do our part.

I love you Blount County.

Sheriff Mark Moon